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Welcome to Audacious Marine Ltd

The UK based manufacturer of Seafish Approved Cougar Catamarans

About Us

Our own commercial fishing vessels have been used by our family for many years, the most recent of which being "Moxie" - an 8m Cougar Catamaran which we self manufactured from a bare hull.

Having later sold Moxie, and our intention was to buy a new 10m Cougar Catamaran hull and start work building a new fishing boat. The Cougar Catamaran had been a truly impressive fishing vessel and the 10m version was the natural progresssion.

We decided however, to not only self manufacture the 10 metre version, but to embark on the production of the hulls in-house - becoming a fully approved Cougar Catamaran manufacturer based at our workshops in Ramsgate Harbour.

We have a "SEAFISH" approved construction area which includes temperature controlled fabricating room which connects via a removable sidewall to the construction area. Both the 8m and 10m hulls are "SEAFISH" certificated.

With the recent introduction of the 7 metre catamaran available in trailer version or harbour version and the larger 11 metre version, our product range is going from strength to strength.

Our quality workmanship and practices are second to none. If you want a commercial fishing/angling/private and shallow drafted survey vessel or crew vessel, you can't get much better than a Cougar Catamaran.

We welcome visitors to our workshops in Ramsgate, please come along and see things for yourself. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements.