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Press Release for "The Skipper": Audacious Marine Ltd - February 2015

New production of Sutton Catamarans

Catherine Anne II - displacement Cougar Catarmaran "Sutton"

Audacious Marine Ltd have recently announced the purchase of the ever popular 8 and 10 metre Sutton workboat moulds.

Speaking to 'The Skipper', Paul Cannon from Audacious Marine said;

"The opportunity came after talks with Dave at Sutton, to take the moulds and the healthy order book. We will move the production of the moulds to our premises in Ramsgate in Kent, where we will be moving to bigger premises to accommodate the new moulds, giving us more room and hopefully increasing production of both moulds (Cougar and Sutton).

Dave has been a great help and is only a phone call away and will continue to support us for the first few boats, (and in future as well to tap into his vast knowledge of these boats and the industry), as well as working on his new project.

By taking over the mould, it gives us more of a range to offer the fisherman. We can offer semi displacement Cougar Cats from 6m to 11m with inboards, outboards and leg drive vessels with a speed of 8-36 knts, or the Cougar displacement Sutton 8m or 10m - slightly wider than the cougar with inboard or outboards and a top speed of 10-11 knts on small engines, both with great sea keeping and fuel economy.

We hope to build on the success of both ranges of boats, offering people a boat that they want, not what we think they want. Also, we are proud to produce to the high standards for all our vessels, we hope we achieve this already with the attention to detail!

We have had a good couple of years now, starting on boat number 10. In the upcoming months, we are exporting a 10m Cougar Catamaran to Canada and have just built the new 7m Cougar Cat mould of which we will be starting our first production vessel later this month. This new 7m is an outboard only Cougar Cat which has two options - a 2.55m or 3m beam.

We have also attended a few of the Skipper Expo's in Bristol and Bournemouth. This was a particularly good expo at Bournemouth as we took a 10m full build Cat 'Four Sisters' SM828 for people to view, of which we had fantastic feedback from."

Four Sisters SM828 10 full build Cougar Catamaran
Four Sisters, 10m Cougar Catamaran

The 'Four Sisters' was recently delivered by Paul himself to Shoreham for new owner Gary Brownrigg. The 9.9m by 4m beam boat takes its name from Gary's four daughters and this new boat is not a replacement for Catherine Anne II, his existing Sutton catamaran.

The new boat allows Gary a few more possibilities. He told 'The Skipper';

"I fancied being able to do some ray netting out the back a bit more, and this boat has a bit more speed. It's a modern hull design and it's very light, two and a half tonnes lighter than the Catherine Anne II (featured above), so it's built to go a bit faster with less horsepower."

Audacious currently have an 8m full build potting boat in production for Alan Pottinger and a 10m outboard version full build charter boat for Jason Owen of North Wales.