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Cougar Displacement 'Sutton' Workboats


8m - Basic vessel 7.950 x 4.950 Sutton Workboats Catamaran for INBOARDS

10m - Basic vessel 9.950 x 4.950 Sutton Workboats Catamaran for INBOARDS

8m & 10m Cougar 'Sutton' Workboat

Fitted with:

Non slip deck, GRP rail moulding with D Section rubbing strake, 5 stainless steel bollards, 6 scuppers cut out, fore deck wheelhouse with windows, door, floor, gel coated internally, 2 seat/lockers, 1 dashboard and high level instrument panel, wiring duct, stern gear [not props and shafts] hatches, engine beds, fuel tanks and air vents to engine room. With SFIA hull survey certificate.

Various engines available. Used previously Nannie Kubota based, with hydraulic gearboxes. These can be de-rated by up to 25% to suit licence requirements.

  1. GRP arch to take radar, aerials, navigation lights, on top of wheelhouse fitted;
  2. GRP fishing light mast, lights included not wired;
  3. Hydraulic steering, single position, header tank and provision for autopilot
  4. GRP shelter roof with seagull wing supports strong enough to support net stowing machine complete with water drain offs fitted;
  5. Nav lights supplied and fitted (not wired);
  6. Antifoul. Rub down – prepare, prime and 2 coats of antifouling;
  7. Sign writer 10-year quality vinyl name on stern. Name on front of wheelhouse roof. 5 sets of numbers;
  8. 6 mm thick steel keel bands
  9. 2 x 130 ah marine batteries (long life) supplied fitted in box with isolator control switch in wheelhouse. 10-way switch fused panels. All not wired;
  10. GRP protection on working side. Keel to rail 3m wide;
  11. Tube under rail for fenders to tie to.
  12. Supply and fit 2 ft double fluorescent deck lights and conduit for cables;
  13. 450mm stainless steering wheel and handles;
  14. Upholstered seats x 1 for seat lockers – blue
  15. Deck wash. One 1- inch 12 volt pump with electro-magnetic clutch, with one 1- inch stainless seacock. Driven by 2 x A section belt from fore end.
  16. Safety equipment – radar reflector, life rings, fire extinguisher, flares, first aid kit, bilge alarms, emergency hand bilge pump / fire pump, smoke alarms, foghorn;
  17. Wheelhouse equipment - sounder, VHF, radar, autopilot
  18. Remote control search light
  19. Anodes, 2 x 4kg with tab for wiring and 2 x 0.5kg on skeg.
  20. Dual station Kobelt engine controls with cables and dual station kits
  21. Deck engine control consul and cover.
  22. Hydraulic pipes and fittings
  23. Fore end drive, with coupling on to dog clutch, close coupled to hydraulic pump. Supplying 42lt per minute at 1000rpm including stainless tank and cable control from wheelhouse.
  24. Fuel shut off valves operated from wheelhouse (required by Seafish ;
  25. Stainless steel senders and wheelhouse fuel gauges (not wired);
  26. Install hydraulics, fully working
  27. Electric bilge pumps, one for each hull;
  28. Electrical installation
  29. Seafish fit out certificates
  30. Props, shafts, cutlass bearings and flexible couplings