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Specifications - 7-11m Cougar Catamarans

The Cougar Catamaran 8m and 10m is built to meet the regulations enforced and approved to meet full Lloyds Register Special Service Craft Classification, MCA and SFIA.

The Cougar uses symmetrical hulls to give high buoyancy and substantial load carrying capabilities for a vessel of its size. From the outset the boat had to be able to house inboard conventional shaft drive diesels, together with the conventional keel fitted to the 8m and 10m. It also does all of this with flush decks and heaps of storage below. The design allows versions to be built without a keel, this enabling it for the person who may wish to have outboard engines fitted.

Criss Cross fibre glass matting is used on the Hull, the decking is made from NidaPlast, extremely light but tough sheeting material.

Cougar Specifications
Hull LengthOverall LengthScantling numeralsBeamDraughtWeight
7 metre (Trailer)6.95m 202.55m0.3m1000kg
7 metre (Habour)6.95m 203m0.3m1200kg
8 metre7.95m (26ft)254.0m (13ft)0.7m (2ft)3500kg-5500kg
(including twin 4 cylinder diesel inboards)
10 metre9.7m (32ft)304.0m (13ft)0.7m (2ft)4500kg-6000kg (including twin 4 cylinder diesel inboards)
11 metre10.95354.0m (13ft)0.7m (2ft)TBA
Wheelhouse Options
Standard 'Potting Style' Wheelhouse Moulding (Roof all in one)'Angling/Private Style' Wheelhouse Moulding (Seperate Roof)
2m high (max)2m high (max)
2.1m wide (max)2.75m wide (max)
2.4m long (max)2.4m long (max)

Stability of the cougar catamaran is amazing with very little movement and they have been coded for 12+2 although the majority choosing to code them for 10+2. All of our moulding an GRP work is done in our seperate, temperature controlled moulding workshop, before vessels are then transferred into our fitting out workshop to continue their build. Below are a few results which customers have come back with from various engine installations, all with full length keep and skeg assembly.

Engine Specifications
EngineTop speed/cruise
Nanni N4's 115hp x2 (230hp total)18 knots top speed / 15 knots cruise
Volvo D4's 180hp x2 (360hp total)24 knots top speed / 18 knots cruise
Volvo D4's 225hp x 2 (450hp total)27 knots top speed / 20 knots cruise
Iveco NEF 250's 200hp x 2 (400hp total)26 knots top speed / 19 knots cruise
Iveco NEF 250's 250hp x 2 (500hp total)28 knots top speed / 21 knots cruise
Yanmar 240's 240hp x 2 (480hp total)28 knots top speed / 22 knots cruise

Please note that the 8m version with pods and 115hp outboards performs at least as well as the version with inboard Nanni 115s.

If you are considering having an outboard version, of course, please contact us.